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Acapulco Portable High-Diving Show

Acapulco Portable show
You can't bring all your visitors to Acapulco?

So we will bring a spectacular and breathtaking Acapulco High diving Show to your event.

This high-class event is the dramatic combination of Olympic style diving, comedy, clowns and acrobatic action.

The show lights up with the spectacular fire-dive!

A stunt man dives from 10m as a human torch, engulfed in a blazing inferno, into an 8m diameter pool. With a baking temperature of over 700°C, the hottest member of our team will set your nerves on fire. Believe me, it's hot!

Another fantastic and exciting highlight in our show is the high-dive!

Our high-divers dive from the staggering height of 25m, hurtling towards the earth at over 90 km/h into the 3m deep pool below! Imagine driving a vehicle at 90 km/h towards a wall and start braking 3m from the wall. Unbelievable until seen!

Each show team consists of 6 international world-class athletes. The show can be created to your special requirements, ranging from 10 to 25 minutes, up to 5 performances per day.

We offer you a 100% turnkey show, all we need is water!
The complete set up includes an 8m diameter, 3m deep mobile pool, a 25m high tower with four platforms and the stage structure for the two springboards.
The complete installation takes 10 hours. To disassemble and remove takes 5 hours.

All equipment and set material used by Falcon and partners is TÜV Germany approved. Safety first!

On site requirements:
  • A 12m x 8m horizontal and even surface area
  • 3 anchor points for the tower. Each point requires 1m2, at a minimum of 12m from the tower base.

We have over 120m2 of potential sponsorship space; it is easy to encourage any sponsor to support such a spectacular presentation.

Click here to see video preview of our shows!

Rig diagram
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