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Sky Pirates Show

Sky Pirates
The story of the "Sky Pirates" started in 2002 with a spectacular production that brought a new parallel to stunt shows and live entertainment, specifically designed for theme parks.

This pirate themed action stunt show has been finely tuned to perfection. With 2 years in Holland and 3 years in Korea, the Sky Pirates stunt show has, over the 5 years, proven that it is an obvious choice for any theme park wishing to present the ultimate all round family entertainment show, thus increasing your guest attendance.

The format of this successful production is the combination of diving stunts, acrobatic sport, directed choreography with martial arts acting and mime.

This 30 minute action-packed adventure, crammed with a variety of action and acrobatic fight scenes, pyrotechnical devices, special effects and an award winning comedy sketch, is all drawn together by a thrilling storyline.

Developed specifically as family entertainment, every visitor will simply love this interactive show.

Now let the "children" set sail for their swash-buckling adventure!

Cannon fire and sword fighting awakens their senses at the beginning of this unparalleled story, filled with excitement, drama, comedy and romance.

The discovery of a treasure map leads the "Sky Pirates" to the infamous long lost treasure-island.

A breathtaking lagoon is the set for this nail-biting adventure, and legend has it that this lagoon has been the hiding place for many a pirates' treasure.

This show is an unforgettable experience, having all your guests coming back for more.

The show takes place on a multi-functional set, a Spanish galleon is the stage, lending itself beautifully to artistic direction.

With two masts as the diving towers, springboard as planks, the 10m diameter and 4m deep pool between the two towers in the centre of the ship allows for multi-directional synchronised diving.

On deck there is a full size trampoline, allowing for various arrangements of gymnastic elements such as mini tramps, high bar, rings, Russian swing and fast track.
A multitude of technical and pyrotechnical devices including special FX with fire and water supports the show.

The newest tri-level concept is designed to extend the show with a variety of additive elements, each dependent on the individual client's project requirements, production size and development budget.

This new form of live entertainment offers a larger prospective to future projects and investments, providing a more flexible alternative to creating the most spectacular attraction.

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