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Tatonka Show

Tatonka Show
This knuckle-biting high diving acrobatic stunt show is an overwhelming theme park Adventure for the whole family with High dive, Fire dive, Acrobatic stunts, award winning comedy and grand magical illusions.

The fusion between breathtaking action, incredible aerial acrobatics, baffling magic and impressive special effects, adding the wow factor to this individual flexible and everlasting concept.

On the occasion of the 35th anniversary the western theme park 'Fort Fun Abenteuerland' Germany, put out to tender for a brand new attraction.

Falcon Entertainment accepted the challenge to produce this world first Indian themed high dive show, an exhilarating adventure without age, height, or cultural restrictions. This is real live entertainment for the whole family.

The story is simple and easy to understand, supported by colourful characters with original costumes.

An important character is the storyteller who is a travelling ranger and a friend of Tatonka, an Indian chief who possesses magical and mystical powers.

The 30 minute adventure story plays around the 18th century. Colonel Harrison is a bad sadistic guy. He keeps the Indians more or less as slaves who have to work for him building up the fort and helping out in his illegal whiskey brewery.

At the end of this conflict in which all Indian warriors become proud and strong again, Tatonka follows an old myth of his tribe and dares the high dive. This dive gives proof of the strength of his Indian Culture and underlines the Indian ability to control the natural elements of Earth, Air, Water and Fire.

He dives from 25 metres in the air and, as he enters the pool, steam and fire erupt from the water as if the ground was open for a short moment and Mother Earth supports Tatonka's mission.

The unique look of Fort Eagle's backdrop for the innovative and unique action show combines an impressive structure with a 10m diameter pool, front and centre.

Fort Eagle! A compact 3D set with all round staging possibilities offering the 8 international artists a multitude of aerial positions, ground stunt acrobatics points designed to encourage fast-pace action.

For this dynamic production Falcon integrated springboards, minitramps and platforms from 1m to 25m high.

The Russian swing, placed at ground level is an amazing new element in our diving shows.

At the climax of the show, the high diver dives from 25m into the flaming inferno below where the surface of the pool goes up in flames.

This technical special effect is so unique that the flame size and burst are fully controllable by the show technician. All technical devices and special effect used by Falcon are certified by TÜV Germany

This live show is the most powerful guest magnet for any event or attraction park.

It is the smallest details brought together that makes this established production your number one choice in extreme entertainment and high diving / Stunt show productions.

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Tatonka set
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